Urban Areas

Urban Areas> noun

human settlement with high population density and infrastructure such as houses, commercial buildings, roads, bridges, and railways.


How Does Litter Impact Urban Areas in Mission?


Urban Areas account for all the developed spaces in Mission including roadways, buildings, and other infrastructure. MESS volunteers work in all PUBLIC areas to help ensure that spreading waste does not cause damage.

DID YOU KNOW? Placing bins out early

causes litter to spread and can

result in fines.

The most commonly found items in urban areas include:

  • construction waste

  • food packaging

  • cigarette dumps

  • plastic wrap

The most commonly found items in rural areas include:

  • construction waste (including drywall and wood waste)

  • mattresses

  • green waste

  • buckets and toxic materials

  • couches, office chairs, and other furniture

*should you find a hazardous waste please report directly to Mission Public Works at (604) 820-3761


How Can You Help Keep Urban Areas Clean?

  • Never litter!

  • Pick up litter you come across and dispose of it properly.

  • Make sure you properly secure the lids on your recycling and waste bins

  • NEVER put your bins out early

  • Report suspicious behaviour such as loitering vehicle

    • NEVER approach dumpers! Note down the following and report it to District of Mission Bylaws:​

      • Vehicle make and colour​

      • Number of people

      • Approximate age and description

      • Items they were seen dumping

      • License plate


Please see the District of Mission Bylaw Enforcement page for more information.​

  • Take any leftover household cleaning products and paint directly to the Mission Recycling Depot rather than storing them.

  • Share this information with others!

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