School Litter Challenge

Mission Environmental Stewardship Society’s School Litter Challenge invites schools to adopt their schoolyards and work together to reduce the litter found there over the course of the school year.


The primary goal of this program is to teach children the negative impact of litter on the environment and they can actively reduce it through good waste handling practices.

On average, schools in Mission find over 1200 pieces of litter during a single audit with much of that litter originating from the school itself. This provides a great opportunity for students to learn about litter and actively take part in reducing and controlling it.


During the School Litter Challenge, the school keeps track of the litter found monthly and endeavours to reduce it by the end of the school year.

This program includes a visit from MESS staff during which students will learn how to identify litter, how to safety handle it, and how to sort it into waste, recyclable, and compostables. The School Litter Challenge is an on-going program that allows students to ensure that their school grounds are kept litter-free throughout the year.

Main learning outcomes:

  • How litter enters and moves through the environment

  • How litter negatively affects the environment and wildlife

  • Where litter should go (Landfill, Compost, Recycling)

  • How to safely remove litter

  • Create unique solutions to reducing litter on their school grounds and implement those solutions throughout the year

Schools Will Receive:

  • 16 Clean-up Kits which include waste diversion bins, tarp (for sorting), litter pickers, and audit sheets to record the litter they pick up

  • Information session for staff

  • A full audit of the school grounds guided

  • Ongoing support throughout the school year as requested

Office Hours:

Due to Covid-19, we are closing our office to the public. We can be contacted through email or phone at this time for any inquiries or to arrange an appointment.

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