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How Does Litter Impact Mission's Parks & Trails?

Mission's parks and trail systems are well visited by community members and lived in by a variety of wildlife. As such, littered waste becomes a hazard to park users and can both entrap or food condition wildlife. Littered waste enters our stream systems causing flooding and creating uninhabitable areas for local plants and wildlife.

DID YOU KNOW? Every Mission park has available

waste receptacles?

The most commonly found litter in Mission's parks include:

  • cigarette butts

  • food packaging

  • dog waste bags

Occasionally found in parks:

  • small appliances

  • shopping carts

  • household waste bags

  • syringes*

*should you find a syringe please report directly to Mission Public Works at (604) 820-3761


Contact MESS for a safe pick-up syringe kit and instructions on safe handling 

How Can You Help Keep Parks Clean?

  • Never litter!

  • Pick up litter you come across and dispose of it properly.

  • Make sure you properly secure the lids on your recycling and waste bins

  • NEVER put your bins out early

  • Make sure to wash out your cans, bottles and other recyclables thoroughly before bagging them to prevent the smell or food residue attracting wildlife.

  • Crush pop cans once you’ve rinsed them and, as an extra precaution, use the tab to block the hole so that small rodents cannot climb inside

  • Put lids back on plastic containers and jars once they are rinsed and ready to be recycled.

  • Cut up plastic six pack rings before recycling them.

  • Tie plastic bags into knots before recycling them.

  • Take any leftover household cleaning products and other toxic chemicals directly to the Mission Recycling Depot rather than storing them.

  • STOP releasing balloons at events, which can cause deadly wildlife entanglement or ingestion.

  • Share this information with others!

Mission Parks & Trails

Below is a list of Mission's parks and trails as provided by the District of Mission's Parks, Recreation, and Culture.

MESS volunteers are welcome to volunteer in any park space to help keep litter to a minimum. 

DID YOU KNOW? You can dispose of dog waste

in municipal waste receptacles?

Parks and Trails in Mission:

Bailey Park – Located on Bailey Place.

Blott Park – Located at Blott Street and Lamont Avenue.
Fenced open space, waste receptacle.

Centennial Park – Located at 11th Avenue and Taulbut Street.
Tennis courts, lacrosse box, paved trails, running trail, play structure (6-12 age), picnic tables, washroom, park signage, waste receptacles, fencing, benches and an off leash dog area.

College Heights – Located on 11th Avenue Picnic tables, play structure and waste receptacles.

Dr. Humes Memorial Park – Located at Hurd Street and Pleasantview Crescent. Paved path, picnic shelter, picnic tables, benches, waste receptacles, fencing, washroom, parking and signage.

Fenn Park – Located at 3rd Avenue and Ryan Street.
Play structure (6-12 age), picnic table, waste receptacle, benches, fencing and park signage.

Fraser River Heritage Park – Located on 5th Avenue just East of Stave Lake St.
The Fraser River Park is the largest park in Mission and plays host to several events and activities.


Gary McDonald Park – Located at the end of Bobcat Drive (west).  Play structure (0-5 years), park signage, waste receptacle.

Griner Park – Located at Cherry Avenue and Cedar Street.
Play structure (6-12 age), park signage, sand volleyball courts, fencing, school access path and waste receptacles.

Jack Poole Harbourside Park – Located at Harbour Avenue and Abbott Street.
Picnic tables, waste receptacles, washroom, parking and park signage.

Hatzic Park – Located at Draper Street and Weaver Crescent.
Two softball diamonds, waste receptacles, washroom, parking, fence and park signage. 

Jack Wade Park – Located on Veres Terrace.
Play structure (6-12 age), benches and waste receptacle.

Kinsmen East Park – Located at 7th Avenue and Murray Street.
Play structure (0-5 age), fenced, washroom, parking and signage.

Kinsmen West Park – Located at 7th Avenue and Hurd Street.
Play structure (5-12 age), fenced, picnic tables, benches, waste receptacles, paved path and park signage.

Knightview Park – Located at Barnett Avenue and Knight Avenue.
Play structure (5-12 age), school access path, bench, waste receptacle and park signage.

Lightburn Park – Located at Christie Avenue and Phelps Avenue.
Play structure (6-12 age), picnic tables, bench, waste receptacle and park signage.

Mission Rotary Sports Park – Four baseball diamonds, four slo-pitch diamonds, four soccer fields, two all weather fields, field houses, parking, waste receptacles, washrooms, team rooms, referee rooms, concession, caretaker residence, parks signage, baseball and soccer storage and batting cage.

Ogle Park – Located at 14th Avenue and Tanager Street.
Play structure (6-12 age), park signage, fenced and waste receptacle.

Ruskin Park – Located at Ruskin Crescent.
Play structure (6-12 age), waste receptacles and park signage.

Silverdale Park – Located at Donatelli Road and McLean Street.
Softball diamond (converts to soccer in winter), running trail, fenced, waste receptacles and washroom.  

Stewart Park – Located at Wren Street and Stewart Street.
Swing set, waste receptacles, fencing and picnic table.

Tom Jones Park – Located off Fennel St at the end of Mitchell Ave.  Large open space park with large play structure (6-12 age), waste receptacles and park signage.

Wren Park – Located at Silverhill Street and Wolfe Street.
Slo-pitch diamond, picnic shelter, picnic tables, waste receptacles, fenced, parking and washroom.

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