Brownfields> adjective

abandoned, vacant, derelict or underutilized commercial or industrial properties where past actions have resulted in actual or perceived contamination and where there is an active potential for redevelopment (NRTEE).


Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfields can be found throughout the Mission community in both urban and rural settings. The impact of such locations is diverse ranging from being a potential eyesore and negatively effecting the pride residents have for their community; to introducing contaminants and attracting rats and other pests. Brownfields are also known to attract illegal dumping activity and litter can accumulate on parameter fencing.

These activities can prevent brownfields from being developed into productive spaces.

How Does Litter Impact Brownfields in Mission?


Brownfields are sites of redevelopment which have the potential of strengthening local economy and making residential areas safer. Depending on their location, the development can improve the environmental welfare of parks and streams by removing the risk of littered and dumped waste traveling.


Brownfields are not public space so dump sites and litter are the responsibility of the land owner. Dump site remediation can cost in the thousands of dollars. This can create a barrier to continued development once a cost such as that has been incurred. MESS and the District of Mission work with land owners to mitigate these issues through reporting of dumped waste before it can expand and become a greater expense, provide recommendations for blocking access to the land, and in severe cases, make recommendations for monitoring the property in the absence of employees or owners.



DID YOU KNOW? Vacant lots are targets

for illegal dumping?



The most commonly found items in urban brownfields include:


  • construction waste

  • food packaging

  • cigarette dumps

  • plastic wrap



Occasionally found in urban brownfields:


  • small appliances

  • shopping carts

  • household waste bags

  • vehicle tires

  • TVs

  • commercial and household dump sites



The most commonly found items in rural brownfields include:


  • construction waste (mainly dry wall)

  • food packaging

  • mattresses

  • green waste

  • buckets and toxic materials




*should you find hazardous waste please report directly to Mission Public Works at (604) 820-3761






How Can You Help Keep Brownfields Clean?


  • Never litter!

  • Pick up litter you come across and dispose of it properly.

  • Make sure you properly secure the lids on your recycling and waste bins

  • NEVER put your bins out early

  • Report suspicious behaviour such as loitering vehicle

    • NEVER approach dumpers! Note down the following and report it to District of Mission Bylaws:

      • Vehicle make and colour

      • Number of people

      • Approximate age and description

      • Items they were seen dumping

      • License plate


Please see the District of Mission Bylaw Enforcement page for more information.


  • Take any leftover household cleaning products and paint directly to the Mission Recycling Depot rather than storing them.


  • Share this information with others!


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