Adopt-a-Block Program

MESS' Adopt-a-Block Program has been active in the community since 1994, providing litter abatement services and supporting green event initiatives. You can join our adoption program by committing to clean a street, park, trail, or stream in your neighbourhood.

Our Adopt-a-Block program fights litter through three main approaches:

1. Control the existing litter problem by supporting volunteers who           

    commit to cleaning an adopted area of the community on a regular   


2. To facilitate group clean-ups in all areas of the community and

     provide tools, safety equipment, and leadership.

3. Prevent and reduce further litter by increasing public awareness

    through education, community involvement, and supporting green


General Adoption Volunteer: This type of adoption is for volunteers looking to assist with litter pick-up but don’t have a specific area to adopt. These volunteers are given the equipment and training they need.

Street Adoption Volunteers: These volunteers are given an area of 1km or more in length to clean-up at least 1-2 times per month. Signage is placed along the route to recognize their adoption and at the end of each month the volunteer is required to submit a clean-up report to help us keep track of how much litter is removed. Your sign will be put up after your first Monthly Report submission.

Trail Adoption Volunteers: The Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association manages and maintains most major, multi-use trails in Mission. Small residential trails and park trails are available for adoption through MESS.

Stream Adoptions Volunteers: Due to the sensitivity of our waterways, creek adoptions require an additional level of training to ensure the health and well-being of our streams and creeks. Clean-ups in the waterways only happen at specific times of the year when it is safest for the volunteers and the habitat living in the area. Those interested in a creek adoption can learn more about the guidelines here. If you would like to adopt a stream, contact the MESS co-ordinator for further details.

Adopt a street, park, trail, or stream in your neighbourhood!

Office Hours:

Due to Covid-19, we are closing our office to the public. We can be contacted through email or phone at this time for any inquiries or to arrange an appointment.

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